CMS Adoption by ICCO Members

Status Report @ April 2006

Status Report @ April 2006

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Austria Mandatory 15 certified agencies (1st group started in 2004; 2nd finished 2005).
9 agencies to be re-audited in June 2006.
Renate Skoff
Czech Republic Mandatory 19 certified agencies; 1 in process of certification and 1 more certified before year end Ludka Raimondova
Ireland 2003 Mandatory 33 certified agencies1 is being audited and not completed yet Gerry Davis
India Mandatory 3 certified agencies Jayoti Lahiri
Switzerland Voluntary 6 certified agencies Christian Koenig
UK Mandatory 138 certified agencies. Implementing CMS II. Internal discussion taking place re CMS IIII Patrick Barrow

Total: 210

Finland Voluntary 10 agencies being audited? Kaija Langenskiold
Germany DNV Germany presenting to GPRA Management Committee 27.04.06 Gertrude Masuch
Greece Target: Q1 2006 Will be mandatory Held preliminary meeting with DNV Rita Malicouti
Italy Target 2006 Voluntary DNV presented to Council Rosanna D’Antona
Nigeria Voluntary Due to hold prelim meeting with DNV Q4 2005? Nn’emeka Maduebuna
Poland Voluntary Some agencies working towards 1st audits Pawel Trochimiuk
Portugal 2005 Voluntary Launched summer 2005? Alexandre Cordeiro
Russia 2006