What is AIPR ?

The Accreditation in PR (AIPR) is a certification provided by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India. The initiative aims to elevate the public relations profession by recognising those who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, ethics and professional calibre in the profession.


AIPR aims to align professionals in Indian PR space with the capabilities and best practices of reputation management. Accreditation programmes globally have become credible benchmarks for individual competence and elevated the profession in their respective regions. PRCAI aims to achieve the same in India through the AIPR.

Why Apply for AIPR?

The AIPR platform will provide a medium for professional excellence and career advancement, specifically, it will:



Align your approach and competencies  with the industry’s expectations

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Elevate your career prospects within the industry

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Receive feedback on your professional development



Become a part of a network of accredited leaders and mentors



Make your professional achievements stand out



Eligibility and Levels


1-5 Years of experience

Applications Open


5-10 Years of experience

Applications Open


10-15 Years of experience

Applications Open in October, 2022


15-25 Years of experience

Applications Open in October, 2022

How does one go about the accreditation?


Accreditation Process comprises two rounds that will test candidates on various parameters determined by PRCAI:

  1. Preliminary Round 

This round comprises of 

  1. Communications Aptitude Test: A multiple choice test on various fundamental and technical competencies of communications 
  2. Content Writing Test: A subjective test comprising writing exercises assessing content & storytelling capabilities  

Candidates who clear these tests will be shortlisted for the Final Round

  1. Final Round 

This round comprises a panel presentation and an interaction with the PRCAI Accreditation Council (PAC). During this interactive round, the candidates will present their statements of purpose, and solution to communications case studies to the PAC, who will get a chance to interact with the candidates. 


There are two windows to apply for AIPR:

Summer Window: April – May 

Winter Window: November – December 

12 Feb, final date for application
19 Feb, Prelim Test (11 AM – 12.30 PM)
22 Feb, Release of shortlist for Final Round
19 Mar, Final Round
31 Mar, Results: List of AIPRs


  • What is AIPR?

Accreditation in Indian Public Relations is a certification programme for public relations professionals in India.

  • What is the purpose of the AIPR Programme?

PRCAI’s Accreditation Programme aims to elevate the public relations profession by recognising those who have demonstrated the knowledge, skills, ethics and professional calibre in the profession.

  • For how long is an AIPR valid?

An AIPR1 & AIPR2 are valid for a period of three years each.  

  • Who awards the certificate? 

The certificate is awarded by the PRCAI

  • Is the Certificate recognised internationally?


  • Is the registration fee refundable or transferable?


  • What happens if I pay the registration fee and am unable to appear for the test?

Once registered, your registration is valid for a period of one year. Which means you will have two more opportunities to apply for AIPR 

  • If I re-apply for AIPR, will I need to pay the full registration fee?


  • Does experience outside of PR agencies count as relevant work experience?

No. Only PR agency experience is counted as relevant. 

  • If I worked within the PR vertical of an integrated agency – does that experience qualify as relevant experience? 

No. Only PR agency experience is counted as relevant. 

  • Does international experience count? 


  • How is the relevance of questions determined? 
      • PAC reviews and maps it with prevalent skilling needs 
      • Statistical evaluation of performance of a test group on these questions 
  • Is it a computerised test?


  • How does the computerised test work? What are the rules and regulations?

Download this document to know more>  Download

  • Are the questions the same for all AIPR levels?

No. Each AIPR Level has different sections, and questions therein are created to assess the capabilities suitable at that level. 

  • What is the cut-off for the prelim test?

The cut-off is determined by the a score 

  • Can the test be taken from any location?

Yes. You will need the following to take the test:

  • What do I need to take the test?

You need the following:

  1. A Laptop/PC/Desktop
  2. A reliable internet connection
  3. Functioning mic and camera
  4. Login details for the testing portal 
  • How is it ensured that candidates cannot cheat?

The test is conducted on a platform that contains AI Based Proctoring – 11 parameters are captured to measure the reliability of the test.

  • How many questions are there?

There are about 70 questions in each test

  • What is the duration of the test?

90 Minutes

  • Is there negative marking?

Yes there is 25% negative marking for each incorrect answer.

  • What is the curriculum of the Prelim Test?

Download this document

AIPR Level 1

AIPR Level 2

  • When will the shortlist for the Final Test be announced?

Roughly two weeks after the Prelim Test

  • If I am unable to sit for the Final Test, will I be allowed to re-appear?

You can appear for Final Test in the next available round

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1-5 Years of experience


5-10 Years of experience


10-15 Years of experience


15-25 Years of experience


Send any further questions as a WhatsApp message to: 73044 38277