Bollywood bigger than Mahatma Gandhi

PUBLISHED IN: Livemint More than 60% of the respondents of the Brand India survey say Bollywood represents India best
Bollywood beat Mahatma Gandhi, cricket and the Taj Mahal as the epitome of India in the Brand India survey conducted by PRCAI and Image Management. When polled for their opinion on who or what best represents India, more than 60% of the respondents voted for the Hindi film industry. They were asked to chose from a list, including the father of the nation, the country’s favourite sport and the eternal symbol of love, Gautam Buddha, anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, yoga and ayurveda and the Kamasutra. The survey covered 2,256 respondents, including CEOs, senior managers, managers, mid-level and junior executives.