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Try JobSeek before you contact any recruitment agency. We charge a lot less and serve you exclusively. If you are looking for people then check our database of resumés. Just choose the search criteria and you will automatically receive details of suitable applicants via email.

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The following guidelines will help you fill in your details correctly, while enabling us to serve you better once completed.

  • Note down for your future use the password you have chosen, so that you can edit, or delete, your details at a later date.
  • Fill in your contact details only in the space provided on the form.
  • Please note that this service is only for permanent positions and not for temporary or summer jobs.
  • Please be realistic in choosing your options. The salary range should relate to the years of experience as well as when you opt for positions.
  • Please do not paste in your full CV, the system will not accept it. Interested employers may contact you for a more detailed CV, so please be ready with one.
  • Use the ‘other information’ section for selling yourself by giving a couple of paragraphs on yourself and your talents. Sound enthusiastic but be realistic.
  • Last but, not the least, best of luck with your hunt and in case of problems please email at or call (0124) 4290174, + 91 9810502575

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