Client-Consultant Relation of Mutual Respect

A letter to the client who is difficult, incompetent or just plain crazy, by Amith Prabhu

It takes all types to make this world and the world of client-consultant is no different. I was fortunate during my eight years of being a consultant that I had very kind and intelligent clients. Every one of them – from Manisha Awasthi, Rashi Bhimani, Shalini Kuila, Madhavi Trivdei, Paresh Chaudhry, Herjit Bhalla, Siddharth Banerjee, Asha Albert and many more. But I don’t think everyone has it as easy as I did. There are some very difficult humans who end up as clients and this is for them. It is also likely that the client of that ‘difficult variety’ may not be reading this so please share it with him or her.

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