Compassion towards all living beings during Covid-19

This article is part of the series #SupportEachOther, a campaign through which PRCAI aims to bring PR professionals from diverse verticals and different levels of experience onto a common platform for discussion. By spreading awareness and the use of storytelling, we aim to destigmatize mental health issues within the PR industry and start a dialogue to help and #SupportEachOther, in the midst of various professional challenges we are confronting because of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

The world has suddenly become a better place in terms of human connections. The
pandemic has brought together families, friends and colleagues like never before.
There are many examples of kindness and grit emerging which shine light on human
resilience and basic goodness.

For sure, this is not a great situation to be in from a health and job/ money scare
perspective. However, as PR professionals trained to read between the lines and a
knack of finding a silver lining in dark clouds (crisis), it’s a great time to introspect,
reflect on what is truly important and plan to emerge stronger from the situation.
My feelings during the Covid-19 situation have ranged from fear, feelings of
helplessness to stress on continuity. My vulnerability arises from the concern for our
team members who have joined us and shared our vision. We want to minimize the
impact on them as they are also facing all kinds of anxiety and we don’t want job/
salary anxiety to be one of them.

I deeply believe that while stress and anxiety are natural feelings, it’s the mind power
and will power that comes into place when we need to fight an adverse situation. My
advice to youngsters in the field will be to empower yourself to fight the battles that
are necessary as typically half the battles are only in our mind and not in reality.
Since starting our business, we have gone through two cycles of recession already
and that’s where my learning of managing stress and anxiety came in. The two top
tips from my end:
1. Being self-confident – I had tremendous self-confidence that whatever may be
the situation, I will overcome it and learn something from it. It’s a great idea to
use positive affirmations every day which programs the mind
2. Planning – Planning for your organisation as well as personal growth is
important when the chips are down. I learned from multiple mentors
personally as well as through books written by business leaders to get
motivated on overcoming challenges

While we continue to work the usual hours or more during the lockdown period, we
are saving time on commuting and traveling for meetings. It’s a wonderful
opportunity to change some habits that we are not happy about and instead focus on
forming some positive life-altering habits.
Just before the Covid stuck, I had some health issues for couple of months which
really had affected my spirit.

Just when I was back at home from the hospital and trying to pick things up, a book
came mysteriously to me and like a true miracle helped me in refocusing myself. I
realised that I need to be much more serious about managing my health and
lifestyle. That’s something that we as PR professionals should always take care of as
the profession is demanding and being at the top of the game physically and
mentally is crucial.

This is a time for more compassion towards all living beings. Everyone is facing
challenges and a little bit of empathy and support will go a long way.

Anand Mahesh Talari,
Co-Founder, Mavcomm Group