Tips for a Healthy Mind

This article is part of the series #SupportEachOther, a campaign through which PRCAI aims to bring PR professionals from diverse verticals and different levels of experience onto a common platform for discussion. By spreading awareness and the use of storytelling, we aim to destigmatize mental health issues within the PR industry and start a dialogue to help and #SupportEachOther, in the midst of various professional challenges we are confronting because of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

Do something that makes you happy: What you’re probably feeling is a loss of control over life as you knew it. However, while the larger picture is not in your hands, you can fill the short term one with purpose. Whether it’s creative or organizational or spiritual triumph or perhaps a hobby you waited all these years to get started on – do something that gives you a sense of fulfilment and joy. A number of online platforms are offering free courses on a range of things apart from the regular skills upgrades. There are a thousands of YouTube videos with DIY tutorials. Have fun. You’re more creative and resourceful than you give yourself credit for.

Stay Tidy:  It’s tempting to slide into slovenliness because honestly, who’s looking? But this one will come back to bite you when you’re feeling low. So stay on top of it. Clear up, bathe, get out of those PJs & get organized. Look good and feel good about yourselves! If there’s a part of your home that requires decluttering, do it now.

Give in: Some days you’re not going to stay on top of things and that’s fine too. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t try to prove yourself everyday – you are already a rock star for being part of a high stress industry which is really feeling the heat due to the pandemic. So wallow in some self-pity if you must, watch a weepy movie and cry if you want to. But the next day, pick yourself up, clean up your mess, find a spark of inspiration and sail through the new day.

Switch off:  Do yourselves a favour and stop reading dreaded and divisive forwards on Whatsapp. Stop main-lining the news channels. Stay updated on the facts and developments but other than a few balanced perspectives, try to tune out a majority of the ‘news analyst expert opinion’ noise. In the meantime, enjoy the clear blue skies during the day and the stars at night – before the smog covers it back up.

Connect with what/who is important: All the time that we are saving by not commuting is time that we can spend reconnecting with our families and friends. Surely there are conversations that you parked on the side due to lack of time or a friend you missed catching up with. Plan a virtual tea/drinks session – they can be a lot of fun. We are all missing the human connect right now and one call from you can brighten someone’s day.

Work out: Surprisingly, there are a lot of things you can do staying at home for the mind-body workout. Make a start. Follow online workouts or yoga sessions. Experiment with healthy cooking; try soups and salads in place of the regular fare…the happiness of fitting into an old but favourite dress or a pair of jeans is PRICELESS!


Lovina Gujral 
Candour Communications