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Date(s) - 25/10/2002
9:30 am

The Third Friday Buzz, held on October 25, 2002 in Bangalore.

New Media, Old Media and PR: Convergent Strategies

Madanmohan Rao

Communication is Art. Art is a dialogue, not only in our own time, but also across time. In a world where experience is increasingly fragmented and isolated, communication points to the unbreakable chain of human creativity, and refuses to make islands of separation out of past, present and future. The world is a new energy, and we need to be able to harness this new energy to travel time and reach a wider audience.


With technology there will now be a growing reliance on multiple channels for communicating and accessing information reliably on a 24/7 basis. The content of corporate communications has and will continue to change in the face of new realities regarding accessibility, timeliness and responsiveness. In addition, corporate viability and trust will be built upon the public’s perception of corporate security and individual privacy. This calls for pro-active and research oriented PR, which is strongly facilitated by the Internet today. Nevertheless, old media continues to play and will play a very strong role in the communications area. And it’s the strategic convergence of the two, which will make all the difference. The convergence of these will be the key drivers that will make for faster, shorter business cycles, a growing acceptance of Internet and the wireless, increasing media and consumer expectations and manage “reputation” and accountability.


Some of the key areas being redefined, redesigned by this convergence are the following: Newsrooms are being positioned as interactive information powerhouses providing easy access to both current and archived information on a 24/7 cycle. Business intelligence is being impacted thus with competitor tracking and search engines, online databases and research accessibility. With events happening on a global and virtual space, online PR – providing conference agendas, online registration, speaker alerts, press kits, photographs, and after event wrap-ups – is shrinking the world we live in! Books will continue to impact the serious audience while cell phones and PDAs will ensure seamless flow of real-time information for the man on the move. A web site can serve as a virtual meeting area for people in a number of different locations who need to collaborate during a crisis. People can use message boards, chat rooms and e-mail to contact one another, consult with experts and learn about the successful strategies used by others in similar situations.Content connectivity to the community will enhance commerce and capital while culture and capacity will facilitate successful co-operation with PR firms.