PReferral is the PRCAI’s referral system for companies that are looking at appointing a public relations firm in India. The system is software-based and therefore matches the needs of companies with the capabilities of our members. All our members have been selected after they have fulfilled a basic criteria set out for joining the Association.

Once you complete the requisite form, the PRCAI Secretariat will provide you with a shortlist of consultancies whose size, services, experience and network offices to match your requirement and specifications.

You can then either contact the short listed firms directly or through the Secretary General of PRCAI who will then arrange to set up the introductory meetings and guide you through the selection process.

PRCAI could also assist you with outlining the brief for the final pitch presentation.

Ideally you should meet no more then three to five consultancies. Should you decide to invite more than five public relations firms for the first pitch list, the PR firms are entitled to charge a nominal fee for the meeting.

Your enquiry remains totally confidential with PRCAI. You would need to advise us in writing should you require otherwise.

PReferral is a free service for corporates. However,please note that the PRCAI reserves the right to charge Rs.5,000/- should no appointment be made by the client company following full pitch presentations by shortlisted PRCAI members. In the event of a PRCAI member winning your business, we would expect you to confirm their win in writing before they commence working for you since the member firm is liable to pay the Association for the benefits of this service.

You may write to Ms. Jayoti Lahiri, Secretary General, PRCAI if you would like further information.

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