Helsinki Declaration


Mindful of the considerable and increasing influence and importance of public relations, the International Communications Consultancy Organisation has launched the Helsinki Declaration, a set of principles aimed at uniting the global PR industry under a single banner of ethical behaviour. We are calling on your members to stand by the following 10 principles:

  1.  To work ethically and in accordance with applicable laws;
  2.  To observe the highest professional standards in the practice of public relations and communications;
  3.  To respect the truth, dealing honestly and transparently with employees, colleagues, clients, the media, government and the public;
  4.  To protect the privacy rights of clients, organisations, and individuals by safeguarding confidential information;
  5.  To be mindful of their duty to uphold the reputation of the industry;
  6.  To be forthcoming about sponsors of causes and interests and never engage in misleading practices such as “astroturfing”;
  7.  To be aware of the power of social media, and use it responsibly;
  8.  To never engage in the creation of or knowingly circulate fake news;
  9.  To adhere to their Association’s Code of Conduct, be mindful of the Codes of Conduct of other countries, and show professional respect at all times;
  10. To take care that their professional duties are conducted without causing offence on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, origin, religion, disability or any other form of discrimination.