It’s been more than a year since we all have been hit by the deadly novel Covid19 virus, infecting millions across the world and our country. The unprecedented situation had disrupted and changed our lives quickly affecting our people, our businesses, our communities, and created new inconceivable realities for us. Even after several efforts to contain the spread, the pandemic is still there and now India has been badly hit by the second wave spreading like wildfire. 

This 2nd wave has created the need to revisit resource planning, take charge of COVID management strategies efficiently in order to fight the virus quickly. It’s very important that the whole country come together and reunite to fight the pandemic. This will need people’s participation at all level to exercise continued caution by following the successful Covid protocols and get vaccinated (when they turn comes).

So, there is a need to revisit the messaging across Covid-appropriate behavior and to spread the ‘good word’ on vaccines through a sustained messaging.


PRCAI #ItStartsWithYou is an initiative to bring forth the urgent message of Being Responsible. The social media campaign, is supported extensively by our partners who help to spread the message:

(1) Caution Be Alert – take precaution, be responsible

(2) Promote and encourage Vaccination

Remember Responsibility #ItStartsWithYou and Me


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