we HAVE TO to deliver in the new eco system. Real work will pay. (Re) Innovators will succeed

The covid19 challenge was a completely unknown devil that wreaked unprecedented havoc. It threw a plethora of challenges before each one of us, starting with survival and protection of life to continuity of business. The imminent global recession only made things stark.

Indeed, every change has now become a new normal. Amidst all this, we are trying to find new pastures, new possibilities and new tools to overcome the Covid19 situation. 

Personally, I believe public relations came of age during this period showing amazing resilience and grit to provide the clients innovative models of intervention and formats that helped them with business sustainability and even growth.

The community truly rose to the occasion and PRP group was not found wanting.

While the lockdown posed unprecedented human resource management challenges, we resolved to invest in the wellbeing of our employees. The management did everything to keep the flock together and consistently sensitized them about the challenges we were facing inclusive of health and business.

The staff felt valued and gave more than 100 per cent coming up with out of the box product line solutions and deeper branding exercises.

For us, strengthening internal communication played a vital role in improving our external communication (read client relationship), helping the business not only survive but grow to the surprise of many. Out internal trust has had a positive rub off impact externally. We helped clients facing business anxieties by assuring that we will stick around with them during these tough times.  Overcoming the choppy weathers became a collective idea that prevented loss of business. In fact, we had companies reaching out to us the way we performed riding on the wave of Covid19 related stories that the media was hogging.

By getting into Covid19 stories, we literally have had a finger in every pie.

We were also able to convince the clients that one wrong move had the potential to undo years of hard work on brand, image and reputation and they should not lower their PR guard.

Getting coverage for their humanitarian work and support to migrant labourers came in very handy in building credibility. Attempting to remove the stigma that has been getting attached with the disease formed a major part of our communication exercise generating trustworthy feel good air about the brands.

Interestingly, with marketing funds shrinking for giants, Covid19 acted a leveler for the startups to up their game in public sphere.

It is also true that potential loss of business is real. Outreach to potential consumer is more important than ever. Covid19 months have been an advertiser’s nightmare; public relations occupied the space with right judgment and quick problem solving. No wonder, technology became our natural ally.

We successfully persuaded the clients on the new age PR with many of them seeing real virtue in digital formats bearing fruits sweeter and in larger numbers.

The fact is also that Covid19 closed many a door for us but we immediately explored opportunities in crisis management, public affairs, investor relations, community relations etc. And survive we did, and we did it well.

With companies holding their budgets so far will also release funds, in all probability diverting from advertisements especially outdoor ads, towards public relation. And we HAVE TO to deliver in the new eco system. Real work will pay. (Re) Innovators will succeed

By: Rahul Kashyap
Chief Operating Officer, PRP group