PRCAI to expand to South Asia: PRCAI president Atul Sharma lays out agenda 2021

Source: PRMoment

We have chalked out four priorities for the association, which will lead the way for the public relations industry into the future: Talent, Trust, Leadership and Inclusion.

Nurture talent for the future: Unlike specialised professions, where you need a licence to operate, case in point law or medicine, in public relations one needs consistent research to keep in touch with the industry developments. We haven’t had any incentive to do this so far. What does it do to us as professionals? In the short term – we don’t grow, resist change and aren’t able to provide the best counsel to our clients. In the long term, the overall standard of the industry drops.

We intend to create this on the lines of the global standard developed by IABC and will be aimed at four levels basis one’s experience.

We also need to invest into the future, to nurture talent that’s job-ready. To do this, we intend to partner closely with academic institutions to create curriculum which reflects changing times.

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