Sunny, with a chance of real growth: A prognosis for PR in 2021

by Atul Ahluwalia
Source: Exchange4media

India, like most of the world, faced the worst of the COVID-19 over 2020 and is now one of the few nations exhibiting a rapid recovery and emergence from this debilitating period of crisis and disruption. With our economy facing global headwinds as early as by the end of 2019, the pandemic deepened the challenges and forever transformed the way we live and work.

One thing is certain now, things are not going to be the same again. Ever. For businesses, the aim ought to be out-maneuvering uncertainty and diffidence. Be it in manufacturing, or services, airlines, infrastructure, or finance, in India we are welcoming the push for much-touted ‘V-shaped’ recovery.

Coming on the back of accelerating digital transformation, establishing agile operations, it may not be too over-optimistic to claim that after the dark days of last year, things are bound to get better now.

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