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The Young Pride Challenge

Congratulations to Winners of Young Pride Challenge
Bhavana Singh  and Radhika Mehta from Genesis Burson-Marsteller




A leading airline Indus Air which is owned by the Government is up for sale. The proposed sale follows a long and somewhat chequered history of the airline. Immensely popular and seen as a high value brand, Indus Air, over the years has earned both bouquets and brickbats. While it has improved on safety and rationalised its fleet, service quality continues to dog the airline in the public eye. Poorly planned aircraft acquisitions have led to a bleed of revenues while the professionalism of the airlines’ staff has often been in question. Above all, poor revenue and asset management has ensured that the airline has always needed cash infusions from the government. While profits seems elusive, there are reports of the airline breaking even operationally. However, the airline continues to enjoy widespread visibility and connects India with major global destinations and importantly with key internal regional routes where even private players don’t fly. It is still a very good asset to own with its logo having iconic value.

 What’s needed urgently is to build a positive recall for the brand in the run up to the sale. Amongst stakeholders, customers are critical and they must see the airline as a preferred flying choice. Issues regarding professionalism and a ‘sarkari’ and ‘chalta hai’ attitude must be banished. Investors must be reassured of the airline’s brand value and the support that they will enjoy from the government  – in terms of policies, financial support and all other critical aspects of the airline business. Above all, employee morale must be retained and staff must realise that while it’s time to shape up, it’s also about time for some of them that the best phase in their careers is set to begin. The airline would like to definitely avoid a strike which has been a norm in the past.

 Devise a plan that will help Indus Air to communicate with three key stakeholders – employees, customers and potential investors using the power of earned media on digital and traditional platforms. The mandate is to build up a positive perception for Indus Air in the next six months running up to the actual sale. 

The Rules and Rewards

A team of two professionals will respond to the brief above in a record time which will be evaluated by a jury. To be eligible for the challenge both team members should be born on or after January 1st 1982 and should have valid passports. The contest opens on 18th August and the last date to submit the campaign plan is 27th August.

The jury will decide the winners by September 2nd and the winners will be informed by September 5th in order to make visa and flight arrangements. The winners will be publicly announced at PRAXIS and will be funded to travel to the summit.

The two winners will have the opportunity to join PR and communications leaders from around the world at the ICCO Global Summit, which takes place in Helsinki, Finland on 5th – 6th October.

The prize includes a round-trip flight ticket and visa costs supported by PRCAI, a two-day delegate pass to the ICCO Global Summit supported and stay for three nights in Helsinki supported by Reputation Today and its partners including the School of Communications & Reputation (SCORE). The winners also get complimentary access to one edition of PRAXIS of their choice.

For further information and to submit your entries, please contact:

Jayoti Lahiri, Secretary General, Public Relations Consultants Association of India

Phone: +91 124 4290 174, Mobile: 9810502575